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PromptPal Editor's Review

One of the oldest components of Windows operating system is the Command Prompt, also known as DOS prompt. Created before the Windows operating system, and after integrated in it, this tool remained at the same status as in the 80's. Based on command lines, this tool was always overlooked by the usual users.

PromptPal is a replacement GUI (graphical user interface) for the command prompt console. It has integrates all the necessary tools so you can interact much more efficiently with the console. Every command will be still routed through Microsoft's dependable command processor.

The major difference that brings this application is the Windows-style editing (copy, paste), 'insert directory' and 'file path' and the 'find text function'. Now you can use the usual shortcuts for editing like CTRL+C (copy), CTRL+V (paste) and you can select the text with the mouse. For a faster approach you can view the console in two windows mode. On the upper window you can see what you are typing and on the lower one the output of your command. For example if you type the command DIR, on the lower window will appear the content of the directory you are in.

PromptPal works also as a RUN command. You can access almost any application or open any directory in Windows Explorer by typing the correct shortcut. By typing %temp%, Windows Explorer will show you the local temporary files, or by typing REGEDIT the registry editor will open.

The application is highly configurable and flexible and provides command history, auto complete option and syntax help. This features help you edit much easier the commands. This way of editing is very similar to almost every programming editor, where all the important syntaxes are saved for further usage.

Pluses: Windows-style editing features; two windows display mode; tabs, RUN commands;

Drawbacks / flaws:

In conclusion: Besides the replacement GUI, this application is also a hybrid, because it can be used also as the RUN in Windows. It should be an example for Microsoft how a console should look like.

version reviewed:

What's New in Version of PromptPal

- Improved compatibility with non-English systems that frequently use special characters (e.g German umlaut) - Added ability to change info bar text & background color (File->Configure->Preferences Tab) - Updated Installer

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